8 Out-of-the-Box Tips for a Veg Pizza to Order

Pizza is one of the most incredible foods on earth, and it’s even better when you can get precisely what you want. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or like to eat healthily, there are plenty of options for veg pizzas. Here are some tips for finding a veg pizza to order off the menu:

Stick to the Pizza Margherita

When you go to a pizza place, you should first look at the menu. Most pizzas are vegetarian, but not all. Even if you’re vegan or vegetarian, there’s still a chance that some of the other options aren’t suitable for you. One option stands out from all others: The Pizza Margherita (or “pizza mar-ga-REE-ta”). It’s simple, delicious, easy to order, and even easier to eat!

The Margherita is named after Queen Margherita of Savoy, who wanted something new after she returned home from her honeymoon in Naples in 1889. She was served tomato and mozzarella with basil leaves; this combination became known as La Regina (“The Queen”), which eventually evolved into what we know as pizza Margherita today—a solid red base topped with fresh tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella cheese sprinkled with basil leaves on top (the colours match those of Italy).

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Look for green!

Look for green! If you order a veg pizza, there’s a good chance it will come with some veggies. But often, those veggies are not green in colour. That’s because many pizzerias add spinach, broccoli and kale to their pizzas—all of which are dark-coloured and (you guessed it) not green!

What to do? Ask for extra white sauce or pesto on top of your existing base layer of veggies—and when the pizza is done baking, sprinkle on some chopped parsley for an extra burst of colour.

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Pick a blend of mushrooms.

Mushrooms are a great source of protein and fibre, which can help you feel full. They’re also low in calories, fat, sugar, and sodium.

Mushrooms are also high in vitamin D and potassium.

Find the right cheese.

Cheese can be the most challenging part of ordering a veg pizza. If you’re used to eating cheese from cows, you’ll have to find an alternative that’s still creamy and gooey (that’s what makes it suitable!). The most common vegan cheeses are made of soy or coconut milk, but other options like goat cheese, feta or ricotta are also available. The good news is that almost every restaurant has vegan cheese available nowadays!

If you love mozzarella as much as I do, make sure your pizza comes with plenty of it.

Ask for extra sauce and veggies.

Ask for extra sauce and veggies if your local pizzeria offers free toppings. Most places will happily oblige by adding more tomato sauce to your pie. You can also get some extra green peppers and mushrooms.

This tip won’t work only if your place has a strict policy about not giving out any free toppings whatsoever (it does happen). If that’s the case, don’t worry—you can still make one of these excellent veggie pizzas I mentioned above!

Go the Mediterranean with feta cheese, olives, and greens.

Mediterranean-style pies are a good option for vegans, as feta cheese is a viable alternative to traditional mozzarella. While olives may not be the first thing you think of when you want to eat something healthy, they are rich in vitamin E and can help reduce inflammation (a common concern among people with autoimmune disorders). And while fresh greens like spinach aren’t exactly low in calories, they provide your body with essential vitamins A and C—plus iron!

Get creative with toppings like taco filling, pico de gallo, and baked beans.

You can mix things up even more by adding creative toppings. For example, taco filling is an excellent option as it has many different flavors and textures. If you want something more traditional, consider pico de gallo or baked beans. Beans are a great source of protein and fiber, so feel free to pile them on top of your pizza!

If you’re feeling adventurous, try pairing two unique combinations together for one epic veg pizza topping combo!

Don’t be shy to ask for customizations like no onion or garlic.

You can ask for any customization but be prepared for a price increase. Also, remember that most restaurants are willing to make the pizza without onion or garlic if you request it. If you are unsure what to ask for, ask the waiter for some suggestions and see if they have anything that sounds good to you.

There are lots of options for veg pizzas.

You’ve probably heard about the many vegan toppings and cheese options available at most pizza places. But did you know there are also great ways to get creative with your veg pizzas? With some research, you can find out what kind of customizations your favorite restaurant offers and how you can use them to make your order more exciting!

To start things off, here are some ideas for building a delicious vegan pizza:

  • Ask for extra sauce and veggies, so every bite is full of flavor and texture.
  • If they have it, ask if they have any non-dairy cheeses on hand (or if they could make one, especially for you). This will give an extra boost of flavor without adding too much extra fat or calories.
  • There are always olives if nothing else seems interesting enough for today’s dinner plans! They’re salty enough to stand up against whatever sauce or veggies come with the pie and provide plenty of crunchy texture.


We hope these tips will help you find the perfect pizza for your next visit to the pizzeria. Remember that you can always ask your server for recommendations; if they don’t know what they’re doing, just try another place! Happy eating!

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