​​​​7 Types of Cheese Burst Pizza You Should Try


Pizza is one of the most beloved foods on Earth, and it’s easy to see why. We’ve all spent a night eating pizza with friends—and probably had a few too many slices in the process. But there’s more to pizza than pepperoni and cheese. That’s where burst pizza comes into play!

Cheese Burst is a type of cheese stretched out and baked as part of your favorite dish. Burst cheese is often used as an appetizer or ingredient in other dishes such as chicken parmesan or stuffed shells! It adds flavor while also adding some fun to your mealtime experience!

Mushroom With Goat Cheese

Mushrooms taste delicious and are a great source of protein, potassium, and vitamin D. Goat cheese is also high in calcium, which supports healthy bones. Goat cheese is also a good source of vitamin B12, which helps maintain healthy red blood cells.

Pizza Pollo

If you’re a vegetarian or are ordering pizza for vegetarians, Pizza Pollo is a good choice. It’s made with chicken (and not meatballs), so it’s still got that pepperoni-like flavor without actually being pepperoni. Plus, it’s affordable for individual sizes and even cheaper if you buy two or more. This one is also great for people who like chicken—whether they’re vegetarians or not!

Fiery Chicken Woodfired Pizza

In a world where you can find pizza almost anywhere, choosing what kind of cheese burst pizza you want is hard. But if you’re looking for something spicy and delicious, look no further than this fiery chicken woodfired pizza. This slice is topped with jalapenos and red onions for the perfect amount of heat, along with a tomato sauce base for pure flavor. The best part? It’s got mozzarella cheese in all the right places!

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Chicken Pepperoni Woodfired Pizza

Chicken Pepperoni Woodfired Pizza is a spicy pizza that is a great option for those who like spicy food. The chicken pepperoni is cooked in a wood-fired oven and topped with mozzarella cheese. It may be the spiciest of all pizzas, but it’s also incredibly delicious!

Cheddar Chicken Tikka Woodfired Pizza

This is ideal for vegetarians, as it uses chicken tikka, red onion, and tomato sauce. It’s also great if you’re looking to eat healthier, as you won’t be consuming any processed meat products.

The combination of these ingredients gives this pizza a strong Indian flavor that will likely make your mouth water.

Chipotle Unmeat Millet Pizza

You’ve had it before, but you probably didn’t know that millet was once a staple food for the people of China and India. It was eaten with most meals, including breakfast! In fact, some historians believe that early versions of millet bread were so popular that they led to the rise of gluten intolerance as we know it today.

Millet is a tiny yellow grain (about the size of an ant) and has a nutty flavor when cooked. It takes longer than many other grains to cook (about 35 minutes), but once cooked. It can be added to pretty much any recipe! 

And did we mention that it has four times more iron than spinach? 

That means plenty of energy-boosting nutrients for all those long runs you’re going to have after eating this pizza…

Now let’s talk about making your own cheese substitute. If you don’t eat dairy products or are vegan/vegetarian, this might sound like an impossible task… but fear not! With just five ingredients and 10 minutes in your kitchen, you’ll have yourself some delicious cheesy goodness ready for topping all over this pizza crust!

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Indie Chicken Tikka Pizza

This pizza is for people who want the taste of chicken tikka masala without all the effort of actually making it. It’s a spicy tomato base topped with cooked chicken pieces, onions and capsicum for some crunch, and coriander for a fresh flavor. If you’re vegan, swap out the cheese for vegan cheese or no cheese at all (the latter might not be such a wise decision, though).


Yummy is a good word. It’s the type of word that makes you feel like eating a pizza, which means it’s also the type of word that makes you feel like eating pizza. The Yummy Cheese Burst Pizza is exactly what it sounds like: a cheese-burst version of your favorite pizza.

It’s called yummy because it tastes so good, but also because it’s good for you and good for the environment (and maybe even your wallet).


So there you have it, the 7 Types of Cheese Burst Pizza You Should Be Eating. I hope that this article has inspired you to go out and try some new types of pizza!

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