Versatile Samosas: More Than Just a Snack

Samosas are a very popular snack that originated in central Asia and now has branched outwards. A samosa is an Asian pastry that is very versatile. It’s stuffed with savoury filling that’s often made with potatoes, peas, onions and spices. Samosas can be made with a variety of fillings. As long as the pastry is intact, the room for error is minimal. It’s often served with chutney (tamarind or mint) or yogurt. 

Samosas were introduced in other parts of the world by traders. Samosas were brought to East Africa by Arab traders and to the Caribbean by Indian labourers – it spread out and merged into the local cuisines seamlessly. 

Samosas are a popular snack. They’re filling and a dependable energy source. The fried pastry is crunchy, and the filling is packed with the right kind of spices. Samosas can be enjoyed as snacks or even a main course, depending on how they’re served. Samosas are easy to make and, therefore, affordable. There are mini samosas as well for those looking for a quick bite. 

Versatile samosas : Exhibit 

There are many different types of samosas. The potential of a fried pastry is simply too much to be left untested. Here are a few delicious ones: 

  1. Aloo samosa 

Aloo samosa is the most commonly available samosa. It’s made of potatoes, peas, onions and spices. It’s a filling samosa that can be enjoyed with chutney. The potatoes are soft and mashed into a smooth consistency to make each bite soft and chewy. 

2. Maggi samosa 

When two things are great on their own, why not bring them together? Maggi samosa brings cooked Maggi as a filling with deep-fried pastry. It’s chewy, crunchy and brings back the memory of the school Maggi tiffins. 

3. Chicken keema samosa 

Chicken keema is a dish made with minced chicken that has flavours from caramelised onion, spices, herbs, and tomatoes. Chicken keema is a soft dish that is often eaten with roti or rice. When used as a filling for samosa, it immediately finds itself in the gourmet category. 

4. Chilli cheese samosa 

Cheese is always a good idea. Adding some chilli cheese into a samosa is a surefire way of serving a chewy treat that’s balanced with a spicy kick. 

5. Paneer samosas 

Paneer samosas use cottage cheese, which has a nutty flavour and is chewy. Paneer absorbs spices and flavours effortlessly. Paneer samosas can be prepared in various ways, but switching it instead of aloo also works. 

6. Chocolate samosa

The love for chocolate knows no bounds. Biting into fried pastry and finding chocolate is a perfect experience. The chocolate melts a little, and the fried pastry is dipped in sugar syrup. 

7.  Egg samosa 

Egg samosa has boiled egg with some gravy stuffed into the pastry. The flavourful filling with caramelised onions is protein-rich and makes for the perfect breakfast snack. 

Like most dishes, because of the versatility of samosas, it was influenced by a variety of cultures. The flaky pastries were open to all kinds of fillings. While samosas in West Africa are filled with ground meat and spices, the ones in the Caribbean are filled with sweet potatoes. The possibilities are endless! 

Final thoughts

Samosas are delicious, flaky pastries that are versatile and deliciously so. They’re served hot and enjoyed with chutneys or other dipping sauces. Samosas are an excellent source of carbs, protein and fibre. They’re a flavourful snack that comes at an affordable price point. 

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