Let the healthy snacking begin with South Indian snacks

South Indian snacks are delicious and nutritious. They help with those midday cravings that fall in between meals. A good snack goes well with chai, and South Indian snacks understand this mission. They are made with fresh seasonal ingredients and use techniques you may be surprised with. Some of the popular snacks are – vada, bonda, and murukku, among others. 

Health benefits of South Indian snacks 

These snacks are typically easy to digest and a good source of dietary fibre. The fibre is what helps keep the digestive system healthy and prevents constipation. They help improve digestion. 

South Indian snacks are a good source of vitamins and minerals. They include fruits and other food sources rich in nutrients essential for a healthy lifestyle. 

Reduces inflammation due to the kind of ingredients used and the combination of spices and herbs. The anti-inflammatory spices and herbs, the vegetables and fruits used in the snacks help reduce the body’s inflammation. 

These snacks are typically low in fat and calories; it’s important to have them in moderation. They can be a healthy option for people trying to lose weight – there’s no need to give up on snacking. 

Types of South Indian snacks

Banana roast 

The most popular snack ever is the banana roast. It’s got the sweetness of a banana, and the savoury coating balances it off. This chewy snack is often served with chutney; the banana roast is a fried snack that goes perfectly with the evening chai. It’s a good source of potassium, vitamin C and dietary fibre. 


Bonda is a deep-fried snack made with lentil batter and spices. It goes well with sambar or chutney. Made of rice flour, baking soda, onion, all-purpose flour, yoghurt, cumin and ginger. It’s got protein, carbs, fibre and iron. 


Vada is a donut-shaped snack made with lentil batter and spices. It’s often served with idli or dosa meal. It’s got a lovely texture and is a filling snack. 


Upma is had as breakfast and as well as a snack. It’s made with semolina, vegetables and spices. It’s easy to cook and easy to digest. The assorted vegetables also help have a sufficient fibre intake. 


There are different kinds of samosa; while aloo samosas are more common up North, in the South, onion samosas take the limelight. They’re lighter and go well with tea. 


Idli is a steamed bun made of rice powder. It’s usually served with sambar and chutney. It could be a snack and a meal. There are rava idlis, ragi idli, gunpowder idli and more to choose from. 

Final thoughts

South Indian snacks are delicious and a nutritious way to satisfy your untimely cravings. They are typically made with whole ingredients, and if brought from the right place, naturally, the food is less processed as well. For those searching for a healthy and flavourful snack option, look no further than South Indian snacks!

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