Meal Prep and Batch Cooking for a healthy life with busy schedules

Meal prep and batch cooking is an adult-only conversation. Once you’ve spent a good chunk of your college life eating instant noodles for dinner and deep-fried delicacies to last a lifetime, things take a quick turn as you realise the existence of your gut and the consequences of ignoring it. 

Living healthy becomes a need as your body’s metabolism shifts from that of a teenager. Turns out greens can taste good, and salads are perfectly filling meals. Life gets simpler as one finds how their digestion works and what food they like or dislike. 

Why you should start meal prep and batch cooking immediately

Meal prepping is step one into a healthier lifestyle. It helps you manage resources, maintain a budget, manage time, and have better productivity overall. With a meal plan that is crafted to fit your lifestyle, you are on your way to becoming healthier and happier.

So where does batch cooking come in?


If you have a busy schedule, chances are you’re ordering food, skipping meals, or eating whatever catches the eye. Finding time in your week when you can cook can help solve this. Find containers where you can cook and store food in your refrigerator to be eaten later. 

Batch cooking involves finding recipes that require ingredients you have, that are simple and can be cooked in bulk. Cook large portions of meals you usually eat and can be stored. Rice bowls, smoothies, noodles, etc can be shoved into the fridge and reheated when needed. 

Ideal solution for our busy schedules 

While you can always get a takeaway or order food, it’s good to incorporate home-cooked meals. Ensure you’re getting meal subscriptions and placing orders at the right places. Look into the contents, the ingredients and where everything is sourced from. Once you have a steady meal plan, include batch cooking as a weekend activity. This helps you have meals you can come back to. With meal planning, bulk cooking and meal subscriptions, one can maintain the nutritional value they aim for. If you’re hitting the gym and need to increase your protein intake, use apps and tools to make your life easier. 

Final thoughts

The way to living a healthy life is tricky. A tailor-made solution needs to exist for each individual. You need something that fits your dietary needs, your personal health goals, deficiencies, etc. With the busy schedules that we’re all exposed to, this can be tricky. While we try to balance work and quality time with loved ones, go to the gym, and eat well – looking into meal prep and batch cooking could be a lifesaver. 

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