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It can be challenging to manage a balanced diet when you’ve got a work schedule, a rushed morning and a social life reserved for the evening hours. Between work-life balance, a balanced diet may be too much. This is where meal plan services come in handy.

Individuals who subscribe to meal plan services receive regular deliveries of preplanned, fresh-cooked meals at their doorstep. It’s dependable, nutritious and one less thing to worry about. You can subscribe for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner meals. The meals rotate every day, the portion size is controlled, and you don’t end up wasting food sources.

Must haves in office lunch meals : 

  • Meal planning lunches are important. This is the midday meal; it needs to be nourishing and flavourful. Having good three whole meals can help avoid any health complications. Having planned meals helps ensure that the routine is set and that there’s no nutrition deficiency. 

  • Protein-rich meals. Because it’s a midday meal, it’s important that it is rich in protein. Having more protein-rich meals during midday is ideal as it gives the body time to digest without any uncomfortable feelings. 

  • Fibre is key. Fibre is to be included in every meal. Having a vegetable salad before

  • you eat the meal is the best way to ensure that you have fibre absorbed first and then the rest of the meal. It helps maintain sugar spikes as well. 

  • Balanced meals. Like all meals, it’s crucial that the lunch plans are balanced with plant-based or meat-based ingredients. There has to be enough protein, carbs, fibre, vitamins and minerals. The use of spices also brings sufficient antioxidants.  

Office Lunch Box by Eatfit: 

Veg keema, yellow dal tadka, paratha thali

A perfect light meal that’s nutritious and filling. The paratha thali has enough energy packed in. The soft parathas are served with yellow dal tadka and veg keema. The yellow dal is a staple in Indian cuisine. It brings in protein from the legumes and is simple to digest. A combination of tofu, soya granules, and capsicum cooked with spices creates the veg keema, topped with roasted peanuts.

The thali often comes with carrot and cucumber salad that you must have before the meal. It also comes with sirka onion or pickle. 

Dal makhani, butter paneer and pulao thali 

The pulao thali brings in fragrant and aromatic rice. The pulao is refreshing and flavour-packed. Serving with dal makhani, a rich black dal dish that is creamy and thick. There’s also butter paneer, which has a much different flavour palette, one that works perfectly with the pulao. With ghee and pickle, this makes for a hearty meal. 

Lasooni methi paneer, bhindi chana, jeera pulao 

There is a lovely bowl with different flavours and ingredients. The jeera pulao is a simple dish that has a very subtle flavour. The jeera aids digestion and helps avoid bloating. The lasooni methi paneer has the perfect blend of garlic and greens. The channa bhindi sabji has a lovely blend of panch phoran spices to balance the richness of the lasooni methi. 

Yellow dal tadka, soya masala sabzi, paratha thali

This is a paratha thali that comes with the goodness of soya along with dal. The yellow dal tadka is a simple dish that is almost soupy and has a lovely subtle flavour to it. The tadka is what brings in the flavour to the dish. Soya masala sabzi, is a lovely soya dish that is packed with flavour. They go perfectly with the soft wheat parathas. 

Matar paneer, dal makhani, paratha thali

A good old matar paneer dish can be healing and perfect for that lunch break craving. It’s flavourful and easy to digest. The dal makhani brings in the rich creamy flavour, which perfectly elevates the whole lunch affair. 

This is served with carrots and cucumber as well as a choice of pickle. 

Aloo mutter, dal tadka and parathas

Aloo mutter is a simple Indian sabzi that is well-known and well-loved. It’s lovely to bite into and goes best with the parathas. The dal tadka brings in a soupy goodness that’s perfect to sip through. There are three parathas, so it’s perfect for when you’re feeling hungry. 

Final thoughts

Get these lunch meals to go through your office hours easy-breezy. The perfect lunch has you covered for a good while. It’s filling and doesn’t leave you in a food coma. The meals are easy to digest, and you can get back to work knowing that your tummy and heart are full. 

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