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If your diet isn’t inclusive of all your dietary concerns, it’s probably not a good one. Today, you can access a bunch of meal plan services seamlessly. There’s so much that goes into this. The ingredients used are ethically sourced, flavour and quality of each meal, the delivery of the meals and the price of the same. For those who are trying to maintain a healthy diet but have diabetes, here’s a meal plan that you can subscribe to without any worry. 

For those in Delhi, Be Sugar Wise today

Here’s a meal plan that’s been curated specifically for diabetes management with moderate quantity carbohydrate content (113-225g). This would contribute less than 40-50% of overall daily calories. The goal of this meal plan is to help stabilise blood sugar levels and prevent further complications for those living with diabetes. While it’s recommended that you monitor your personal blood sugar levels after each meal, this is a meal plan that does help you incorporate nutrition on a subscription with very little stress. 

The Sugar Wise meal plan by EatFit

The sugar wise meal plan is available for everyone in Delhi. It’s available as weekly and monthly subscriptions. People can now subscribe to breakfast, lunch or dinner plans. The meals are set at affordable rates and one can get pre-determined meals with nutrient chart to find the best meal plan option for them. 

Chicken macaroni pasta salad 

This is a salad that includes pasta for the added flavour and nutrients. It comes with macaroni tossed in garlic and a bunch of vegetables like peas, colorful bell peppers, roasted pumpkin, roasted chicken, and a fresh veggie mix. With omega fats rich seed mix, cranberry and pomegranate. The dressing is chilli cheese which brings a lovely thick flavour to combine all the elements. 

Pesto hummus chicken millet bowl

This is a bowl that has nutrition and flavour in balance. The creamy pesto hummus is refreshing and nutritious. The vegetable sticks go well with the hummus and bring in some lovely texture. The millet pulao and chicken keema bring in carbs and protein. It’s a full meal that helps you stay active even as the lazy lunch hours hit. 

Masala egg curry, yellow dal tadka, paratha thali

A good old desi paratha thali for those who’re looking for a meal that’s filling and homey. This includes egg curry and dal tadka which are rich in protein. The whole wheat parathas are served hot and soft. There’s also a carrot-cucumber salad and sirka onions. It’s a filling meal that is easy to digest and feels home cooked. 

Beetroot hummus buddha bowl

A healthy dose of hummus helps get plant based protein that’s easy to digest and has a rich texture which complements most dishes. The beetroot brings in a good dose of iron and a deep color that’s bound to keep you going for doubles. It has wild rice mix and chicken keema – they’re packed with flavour and nourishing. 

Chicken cracked wheat garlicky salad

This colorful salad comes with the goodness of garlic, broken wheat, chickpeas, honey chilli roasted carrots, sauteed beans, roasted chicken and fresh veggie mix. A handful of seed mix with pomegranate, cranberry is also added. The mustard dressing brings all the elements together and makes each bite decadent. It’s got crunch, flavour and a whole lot of nutrients. 

Chef’s special chicken and red rice meal

Red rice is served with rich creamy chicken gravy. Along with this are soya chunks sabzi and fresh sprouts. These bring in added flavour and add to the fibre and bring plant based protein that is easier to digest. 

Final thoughts : 

Sugar wise meal plan helps those with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels without having to compromise on flavour. Visiting the EatFit website can help find vouchers, offers and meal plan suggestions. You can find the meals listed above and more. There’s a lot coming your way that’s both carefully curated and skillfully cooked. The flavours will make your belly happy and the nutrient values will help keep your heart safe. Subscribe today and be wise about your sugar. 

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