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Home-cooked meals have a special place in our hearts. The flavours and spices just settle in the best way. But between work hours, meetings and trying to have a social life, it can be difficult to cook meals at home. This is where meal subscriptions come in and save you. You can get a meal plan that will deliver home-cooked meals to your doorstep. Ghar jaisa khaana is sure to keep you feeling satisfied and focused all through your day. There’s a variety of foods prepared for these meals. You can choose between breakfast, lunch and dinner time meals. 

A closer look at the meal plan

There are a lot of meal plans that EatFit offers. Of them, the Ghar Ka Khaana is curated for those who seek a home-cooked meal subscription. For those on the lookout for a healthy solution and a convenient meal plan, this fits your bill. Here are some of the meals included.

Quinoa khichdi : 

Here’s a vegan meal that is sure to make you feel good in your tummy and heart. The yogic bowl of quinoa pumpkin khichdi is a popular crowd-pleaser. It has a mix of quinoa and dal, which brings in a lot of plant-based protein. There’s also rice, pumpkin, beans and carrots added to this mix. It makes for a very nutritious meal and is served with some pickles.

Cholde, kaddu ki sabzi, paratha thali

Soft parathas go well with just about anything. The channa masala makes for a lovely spicy side dish. The kaddu ki sabzi is going to give you the goodness of pumpkin – the fibre is all you need for that improved digestion. 

Kadhai pakoda with rice 

Steamed rice is light on the stomach and easy to digest. This works well with kadhai pakoda, a Punjabi dish of crispy fritters dipped in dahi and gram flour-based curry. It’s thick and rich with flavour. It’s super easy on the stomach and helps for the days when you’re in the mood for something soothing. It is served with tomato chutney.

Broken wheat barley veg khichdi 

Your nutrition intake is going to take a better turn with this broken wheat and barley veg khichi. It has a rice and dal base. It’s served with pickle. The B vitamins in broken wheat support energy metabolism. 

Yellow Dal Tadka, Tofu Keema, Jeera Pulao

A wholesome combination of simple yellow dal with rice makes for the soul of ghar ka khaana. It’s the ultimate comfort food for many. The tofu keema brings in extra protein and flavour. It elevates the simple dish and adds an extra tasty factor. It’s a satiating meal that’s bound to leave you a little less homesick. 

Rajma with rice 

Rajma with rice is yet another household staple. The rajma curry is thick and creamy. It’s packed with so much protein and healthy fibre. This is classic rajma masala simmered with onions, tomatoes and a handful of spices. It makes for a hearty meal. 

Final thoughts 

You can subscribe to this ghar ka khaana meal plan, curated to make you feel less homesick. The food dishes are all made with the right portions and quality ingredients to help you regulate your diet. The meals are delivered to your doorstep. Eatfit delivers to all major cities and areas, you can check the website to find out if you can start your meal subscription today! 

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