Fruit Bowls: A Refreshing and Healthy Snack Option

Fruit bowls are a delicious and nutritious way to start your day. It’s nutritious, the perfect kind of sweet and extremely healthy. A good choice of fruits will bring rich vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. It’s also hydrating. 

Why you should grab a fruit bowl right now

Fruit bowls are, unsurprisingly, filled with goodness. Here are a few benefits of having fruit bowls regularly : 

  • Better immunity: fruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps improve the immune system and fight off infections. Having fruits regularly can help keep diseases at bay. Having an orange juice or some hot lime could help achieve this. 
  • Reduces risk of chronic diseases: fruits have antioxidants that help protect cells from damage. It helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases significantly. Risks like heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc., can be managed with a healthy diet and including fruits is a large part of it. 
  • Better digestion: the hydration one gets from fruits is not to be taken lightly. The body absorbs these electrolytes very easily. There’s also a lot of fibre in fruits, which helps keep bowel movements regular. 
  • Good for weight loss: fruits have minimal calories. They’re high in fibre and encourage healthy metabolism, which in turn helps with weight loss. Adding a variety of fruits will help maintain a faster metabolism. 

Stay Fruity

Fruits should be included in one’s diet every day. You can have it with your breakfast or have it as a snack. But it’s important to eat fruits. The WHO recommends eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. 

  • You can start your day with fruits. This is when the body is ready to absorb all the nutrients. You can get a kick start to your day. 
  • Adding fruits to your breakfast can help you get some fibre while you have a meal to keep you full. 
  • Pack fruits for lunch if you’re not able to have them in the morning. A little goes a long way. Remember to stay regular with it. 
  • Add fruits to your meals. If you can’t keep cut-up fruits in your fridge for long, try adding fruit to your meals. A little avocado toast or apple pie can come through. 
  • Add fruits into curries and main meals. Salads and curries can be used to have more fruits. It takes away the prep time and gives you the goodness of fruits. 
  • Smoothies are delicious and very easy to make. Adding fruits, milk, yogurt and some protein agents can help get the goodness of fruits. 

Fruit bowls all day, every day

A fruit bowl diet is sustainable in every way. It’s important to use locally available fruits and have them according to the seasonal availability. Lean into the natural rhythm. The trick to a good fruit bowl is variety. Add in as many fruits as you can batch prep them or have them ordered. The trick is to see as much colour as possible. All fruits have different nutritional values, so having a fruit bowl is more beneficial than having a single fruit cut up. 

Fruit bowls are delicious, nutritious and sustainable. They’re super healthy and must be involved in regular meals so that one can see long-term benefits. They’re easy to digest and help the body recover in more ways than one. Fruit bowls can be spiced up with paprika , chaat masala or just lime juice. One can even pour in some yoghurt to make it more filling. The possibilities are endless, and the taste is phenomenal and dependable. 

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