Cooling Off with Summer Fruit Pops

The warm sunshine and vast expanse of bright blue sky with white clouds define a perfect day. Summer is the season for flowers, sunshine and a whole lot of cool treats. Summer fruit pops are a refreshing treat that helps deal with summer air. 

Fruit pops to combat the summer heat

Summer fruit pops come in perfect jars with the goodness of summer fruits, granola, basil seeds, oats, millet, dates, and raisins. Jaggery is the sweetener, and the oats are soaked in skim milk. Dive into the most guilt-free treat this summer, one packed with nutrients without compromising the taste.  

The world of summer fruit pops

Summer fruit pops come in all flavours to help fight the summer heat. They’re rich in nutrients and ensure that you’re having a quick but balanced meal. It’s a fun take on overnight soaked oats, with whole foods that are combined with zesty and colourful flavours to turn your morning meal into a morning treat. 

Goodness of summer pops

Unlike regular summer treats, fruit pops don’t contain any unhealthy ingredients that would need to be eaten in moderation. It’s sweetened just right with jaggery and uses ingredients that won’t make you feel too full to move. It’s the perfect way to sneak nutritious food into your diet with the perfect disguise of a wide array of flavours.  

Here are some summer fruit pops you can choose from –

  • Matcha summer pop 
  • Classic Fruit Pop
  • Tropical fruit pop 
  • Zesty orange fruit pop 
  • Chocolate fruit pop 
  • Muesli oatmeal fruit pop 
  • Millet fruit pop 
  • Beetroot curd rice fruit pop 

Refreshing summer desserts 

The different flavours of summer fruit pops are curated and carefully thought out to bring out the most cooling and zesty flavours. They’re layered with ingredients that will hydrate, help you get a healthy dose of fibre, antioxidants, and beneficial probiotics, and help cool down your body for the summer. They’re easy to have on the go and are nutrient-dense.  

Final thoughts   

Summer fruit pops help celebrate the goodness of fruits in the season. These fruit pops are served cold and in perfect-sized jars to bring you the goodness of fruit and health at the singular point. Fruit pops are available with the seasonally available fruit and add flavour to the boring overnight-soaked oats you may be subject to. Elevate your summer breakfast and treats by ordering a Fruit pop!  

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