Why We Love Pizza: A Defence Of The Cherished Dish

Pizza has a long history and wide different varieties, but it’s easy to see why we love it. The crispy crust and melty cheese are just so good! Here are some reasons why we love pizza (including myself) will never stop loving this dish:

Pizza is the Most Cherished Dish

Pizza is a standout amongst the most cherished nourishments in world. We can’t resist the urge to love it since pizza is firm and agreeable. It’s additionally extremely flexible because of its various fixings, surfaces and flavours.

It’s true that everyone has their favorite pizza garnishes, but here are a few universal ones.

You should consider making your pizza at home. The best thing about making your pizza is that you can customize it with the right amount of ingredients, and you also get to choose what goes on top of it. You don’t have to worry about being disappointed with the taste because it won’t be bland at all!

If you’re worry about getting enough nutrients for yourself or even for your family members. Various healthy ingredients can be add as toppings on top of their favourite pizzas:


Onions are a staple of pizza. They are excellent sources of vitamin C, fibre and B6, as well as B1. They also contain sulphur compounds that can promote healthy skin and hair. Onions are even being investigated as a possible treatment for cancer!

Onions were first cultivated in Egypt and Persia around 5000 BCE before spreading to other parts of the Mediterranean region, where they became popular because they were believed to have medicinal properties.


Mushrooms are a fantastic addition to any pizza, whether you’re talking about plain old mushrooms or the more exotic shitake. They’re low in calories and fat, which means that even though you can eat an entire pizza yourself without feeling guilty about it (as long as you’re not eating a gluten-free, vegan pineapple-topped thing), you still have room for dessert. Mushrooms are also filled with nutrients like selenium and vitamin D, as well as B vitamins like riboflavin and niacin.

They’re also chock-full of iron—one cup (100 grams) of cooked mushrooms contains over half your daily recommended value! And if that weren’t enough to convince you to add ’em to your pie, they also happen to be packed with fibre—one cup has just under five grams worth. That’s almost twice what most other vegetables offer.


Olives are a standout amongst the most loved pizza fixings, and for a good reason. They’re rich in polyphenols and vitamin E. They contain a large number of monounsaturated fats, which can help decrease cholesterol levels and keep your heart healthy.

If you need another reason to utilize olives on your pizza, mull over this: The olive tree is among the world’s longest-living plants; it has been known to live more than 2,000 years!


When it comes to toppings, pepperoni is the most popular. Pepperoni is a cured meat that uses a combination of pork and beef as its base. It’s often made from the leftover parts of pigs and cows, so it has a long shelf life. It’s also spicy—there are enough dried red chilli peppers in there to make your nose run.

This sausage is belove because of its versatility: it can be use on pizza or served alone as an appetizer at parties (it’s not uncommon for someone who loves pepperoni to have some slices with cheese melted on top). It can also be use in place of regular bacon on sandwiches or burgers! All you need is some bread or buns—and maybe some tomato sauce if you’re feeling fancy—to make any meal into an epic experience.


Sausage is one of the oldest pizza toppings in existence, dating back to at least the early 1800s. Made with pork, salt and spices, sausage has been a favourite for decades. Why? It’s delicious!

The sausage adds flavour to a pizza without being overbearing—if it were too strong or overpowering, it would be hard to eat more than one slice at a time. There are many types of sausages, but they usually contain some combination of pork, spices and fat; some are even make with beef or vegetables as well (we’re looking at you vegetarians). They’re easy enough for anyone at home to make themselves with just a few ingredients from their refrigerator shelves, so there’s no reason not to add some sausage to your next pizza!

Green peppers

Green peppers are among the most prevalent pizza fixings, so much so that they’re often taken for grant. But they can be a standout amongst the most pleasurable components of a pizza.

The pepper’s taste is sweet and savoury—it’s zesty yet delicate in its crispiness, like a French fry you cover with herbs. In addition to being an awesome flavour accent, it offers another layer of crunch to a pie.


Did you know that pineapples are not just sweet and tart but also a tropical fruit? Did you know that they’re a good source of vitamin C, bromelain (an antioxidant), and manganese? But most importantly of all: Do you know that the pineapple is an alchemical ingredient that you can use to create immortality potions?

As we’ve already established, pizza is already perfect on its own. It doesn’t need any help from outside forces trying to improve upon it. But if there’s one thing I’m willing to admit about pineapples—and let me emphasize this point as strongly as possible—it’s this: Pineapples make pizza better!

There are many diverse approaches to appreciating pizza, which is the reason we adore it so much!

There are many diverse approaches to appreciating pizza, which is the reason we adore it so much!

It’s a universal food. I mean this in two ways: pizza is enjoyed by everyone around the world (it seems), and it easily adapts to different cultures and cuisines. Whether you order a slice or buy a whole pie, there’s no wrong way to enjoy pizza. It won’t judge you if your toppings don’t match up with what’s on other people’s pizzas—and if someone does make fun of your toppings, chances are they’re just jealous because their own combinations aren’t. As good as yours!

Pizza brings people together in both big and small ways. From family dinners at home where everyone gets involve in making their own pizzas from scratch. However, the neighbourhood pizza place where you can call ahead for takeout on Friday nights so that everyone can eat together while watching Netflix—pizza always has room for more friends around its table!

It lets us try new things without being judged for them (like how some people like pineapple on theirs). Pizza allows us all kinds of freedom: whether it be adding something unusual or removing something traditional, we’re free to experiment with our favourite food without fear of judgment from anyone else…unless they don’t like pineapple either–then maybe they’ll be judging us both equally hard 😉

Pizza feeds crowds well because each person only needs one slice–but if there are still leftovers after dinner party A ends, then there’s always time left over at nightclub B! This makes it easy even though no one wants anything else after eating such large portions earlier in the day/evening before coming out again later tonight just yet anyway–so why not stop here instead? No worries; nobody minds waiting out front awhile until doors open up again, so let’s go inside now before getting hungry later!”


Pizza is a standout amongst the most cherished nourishments in America. We can’t resist the urge to love it since pizza is firm and agreeable. It’s additionally extremely flexible because of its various fixings, surfaces and flavours. There are many diverse approaches to appreciating pizza, which is why we love pizza so much!

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