Pasta Paradise: Exploring Pasta Varieties 

The Italians have done many great things, and pasta is easily at the top of that list. Pasta comes in many shapes and sizes to complement the different kinds of sauces used. Pasta is rich, creamy and a very filling meal. With soft-cooked pasta added into a thick creamy sauce, crunchy vegetables thrown in, and a heartfelt cheese drizzle, pasta is heaven in every bite.

It is a filling meal

Pasta is made from grain, which can help you feel full for a long time. It’s a good energy source and can give you fibre with the right mix of vegetables. It can help with stomach concerns and perhaps even help with cholesterol if prepared right.  

Pasta is a quick meal that combines ingredients to have a tasty escape. Many pasta varieties exist today to accommodate the richest of flavours. But it has gotten some bad rep in the past. An easy way to enjoy pasta is to order healthy pasta preparations, which ensure that only goodness comes your way. 

Pasta Varieties to choose from 

  • Peri peri sauce penne pasta, 
  • Classic tomato basil penne pasta, 
  • Creamy pesto sauce penne pasta, 
  • Chicken macaroni pasta salad, 
  • Paneer macaroni pasta salad, 
  • Peri peri quinoa pesto sauce chicken protein bowl, 
  • Peri peri quinoa pesto sauce paneer protein meal.

Pasta can be guilt-free 

When cooked with equal parts emphasis on taste and nutritional value, pasta meals can be added to your diet guilt-free. This involves adding high-quality ingredients and getting the sauce right. Pasta varieties can be looked into for better alternatives – ragi pasta, millet pasta, chickpea pasta etc are ways to keep the goodness of pasta alive without compromising on the health points. Pasta sauces are an excellent place to channel creativity; there is much scope here. 

It’s easy to make healthy pasta.

Other than the flavours mentioned above, pasta sauces can be made from beetroot, pumpkin, roasted cauliflower, red pepper, etc. Adding these vegetables to the sauces helps elevate the nutritional value of the pasta. Another healthy twist to pasta is pasta salad, where pasta acts as an element in a salad. Bringing a fusion of the two dishes makes the salad a filling meal while naturally increasing its health benefits. 

Pasta varieties to fit every craving 

Pasta varieties like those mentioned above are often offered to accommodate varying cravings or dietary needs. It’s a versatile dish that has survived the test of time. Pasta has been a quick meal, low effort and perfect always. Pasta salads and pasta pizzas are also gaining popularity. We just can’t get enough of pasta, and who’s to blame us? It’s really really good.

For those who want a healthy turn of events

Pasta varieties help to include pasta in your diet plans. With the right alternative pasta variants, you can have a pasta meal every week and reap the benefits. Pasta sauces are another place to get creative. The very dish is so versatile that one can easily benefit from it when it’s made right. Next time you reach for pasta, take a look at what’s in there and if you could add more elements to make it more nutritious. 

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