Nutritious Salad Varieties with EatFit 

Salads never do anyone any harm. It’s the perfect detox, guilt-free indulgence you can order anytime, and it won’t let you down. Salads have been known to have a lot of good fibre and are a simple vessel to get you to take your healthy dose of greens. A good salad is balanced with fibre, protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. 

A cool and crisp salad with lemon drizzle can be the perfect meal for the summer. Salads help cool down the body, improve digestion and ensure one absorbs the nutrients from the meal. It’s simple and not cooked too much, making it as fabulous as it is. They’re easy to make at home, order at a restaurant, or deliver home. It’s also tricky to make a bad salad, so you’re in good hands and in better shape. 

Go green with High protein, keto and low carb Salads

With nutritious salad varieties like high protein, keto and low carb options, finding a salad that works for you has never been easier. These salads will leave you feeling satisfied and are packed with ingredients such as bajra mix, paneer, fresh vegetables, dates, seed mix, and exquisite dressing. 

If you’re looking for healthy greens, quality proteins, gut-friendly fibre and good fats – EatFit salad options have you covered. There are meal plans you can choose from – subscribe to a healthy variety of salads which will be delivered to your doorstep. There are high-protein, keto and low-carb salad options to fit your dietary requirements. Get ready for some healthy cravings with EatFit.  

Order more salads: Benefits of nutritious salads varieties

  1. The fresh, crunchy vegetables added to a salad have massive health benefits. The leafy greens bring in a lovely dose of fibre, which is often overlooked. Regular salads help your body recover from all the junk you may have indulged in. Fibre helps reduce cholesterol, controls blood sugar and normalises bowel movements. 
  2. Fruits can be added to salads as there are no rigid rules when it comes to salads. These help intake healthy sugars without having to worry. It has a positive impact on blood sugar levels and also helps have antioxidants. One can also add dry fruits to their salads. 
  3. A simple rule to ensure that your salad is beneficial is to have food of different colours—primarily your greens and red. Tomatoes, strawberries, red pepper, carrots, plums etc belong to the “red” family. All of these have anti-inflammatory benefits. 
  4. Metabolism is also made better with a fibre-rich diet. Salads are quickly added to all well-balanced diets for this reason. Rich fibre ensures that metabolism is regulated and keeps you from overeating. 
  5. Improves skin and eye health – it is no surprise that a good intake of nutritious salad varieties helps improve your eye health. The greens also help boost your skin’s elasticity and cell turnover. We are, after all, what we eat. 
  1. Easy detox comes in the form of a good salad. Don’t let anyone fool you; salads can be filling and tasty. Detoxifying your body with nutrient-rich salads rather than green juices alone is more leisurely. The trick is to be consistent. 

Final thoughts 

Salads don’t have to be boring. All you need is a good salad dressing and lots of elements. Layers of fresh greens, with some grilled meat, and find nutrient-rich ingredients like chickpeas, peanuts, fruits, nuts, seeds, bread croutons, etc, to bring in the extra pizazz. 

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