Dive into the world of Pizza Menu Flavors

Pizza is a popular choice for a snack and a meal. It’s what makes most things beautiful. It’s a savoury dish that came about in Naples, Italy and has since travelled the world. It often consists of a round flattened base of dough topped with a signature tomato sauce, cheese, olive oil and basil for a refreshing kick. Many classic Italian pizza menu flavours have been accepted worldwide today. These are traditional recipes that are pleasant, and while they are popular, a lot of new pizza menu flavours have emerged. Such is the testament to the culinary canvas that is the pizza.  

Pizza has been really popular amongst people of all age groups. There are many types of pizzas available out there; with a simple change in the crust, cheese, and toppings, pizza flavours create a spectrum of choices. 

Pizza menu flavours 

While you may often find pizzas you recognise on a pizza menu, pizza menu flavours change as you go through countries or regions. People have really understood and utilised the crazy potential of pizza. Some of the more popular pizza menu flavours are stated below: 

Margherita pizza is one of the most classic pizza menu flavours. The cheesy pizza has quality cheese drizzled over tomato sauce. When baked, the cheese turns a beautiful golden brown which makes for a delicious pizza. The kinds of cheese used may vary, sometimes even layered. A cheese-burst pizza could bring layers of cheese to a pizza. Margherita pizza traditionally also has basil for a refreshing kick.

Spicy paneer sourdough Pizza

A sourdough pizza base brings in an added layer of flavour to the pizza which is only making it even more addictive. This is a cheesy pizza that has marinated paneer to bring in that extra spice. The bell peppers, onions and red paprika all come together to add to the bite satisfaction and let you experience pizza at its finest. 

Truffle Mushroom sourdough

Truffle Mushroom sourdough pizza is another classic vegetarian pizza that uses truffle-infused mushrooms and parsley as toppings over a sourdough pizza. Mushrooms, when cooked right, bring about a beautiful flavour and go really well over pizza. The grilled onions add a little crunch to the pizza and help balance off the flavour of the mushrooms. 

Farm fresh Veggie pizza

Farm fresh Veggie pizza is a vegetarian pizza that has mixed vegetables used as toppings, like – onions, capsicum, corn, and jalapenos.  It’s as nutritious as it is delicious.

UnMeat veggie pizza

UnMeat veggie pizza is for those curious to try a non-vegetarian flavoured pizza without any meat involved; here’s a veggie protein alternative that brings in a lovely flavour with the goodness of vegetables. 

Chipotle UnMeat millet pizza 

Want a pizza but want it to be more nutritious? Here’s a nutrient-dense millet pizza base with peri-peri soya keema for toppings and cheese. 

BBQ chicken pizza

This pizza has the goodness of BBQ sauce added to the pizza instead of tomato sauce. Grilled chicken dipped in barbecue sauce, cheese and red onions takes this pizza to a whole other level.

Pepperoni pizza

Pepperoni pizza is world famous for its heavenly smoky flavour. There’s simply too much goodness here to give up. The pizza is the ultimate treat for an affordable rate. This has tomato sauce, cheese and thinly sliced pieces of pepperoni that cook perfectly to give out that unique smoky flavour.  

Final thoughts

There’s a variety of pizza toppings, international pizza flavours and gourmet pizza to keep you curious about pizzas. It’s an easy choice for a meal, and with the healthy pizza options near you, you can never run out of good, wholesome pizzas. 

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