Curd Rice Delicacies to try this summer

It’s a simple dish that’s gained a lot of love in South India. Curd rice is also often called thayir sadam, dahi chawal and daddojanam, depending on where you find yourself. It’s a simple dish, often served at the end of a meal. 

Great for gut health 

Curd rice is very easy to digest and popularly consumed when the tummy is known to give concerns. The probiotics are restored, and gut health is restored after a good meal of curd rice. It’s known to have helped with bowel movements as well. 

The quickest meal to arrive

Preparing curd rice is easy; therefore, it’ll arrive quickly once you have ordered it. Curd rice is the perfect mixture of rice with thick curd, garnished with a tadka to bring it all together. 

Adding flavour to curd rice 

It’s believed that good things are best left alone. But curd rice is too good not to be tested. Adding beetroot to the mixture takes it to a whole new level. Switching out rice with millet can also help increase the fibre intake. 

Reasons to turn to curd rice 

  1. Curd rice helps with digestion. It’s good to sneak in curd rice every once in a while. The lactobacillus bulgaricus in yoghurt aids digestion by acting on the inner lining of the stomach and the intestine. 
  2. Consuming curd rice regularly helps fight harmful bacteria. 
  3. Due to its limited salt content, it helps with blood pressure. And aids in the regulation of blood flow. 
  4. Curd also has the benefits of dairy. It is rich in calcium and phosphorus, which help with bone health. 
  5. It’s rich in antioxidants, probiotics and healthy fats. These are all good to keep stress at bay.  

Curd rice delicacies you can devour 

  • Beetroot curd rice – Classic curd rice with beetroot added in to add to the flavour and for that distinct beet colour
  • Millet curd rice – switch out rice for millet to increase the fibre intake and to enjoy the goodness of curd rice  
  • Curd rice with boondi – boondi adds a crunchy texture to the curd rice pair. It could be sweet or spicy, depending on the type of boondi used. 
  • Millet curd rice with boondi – boondi goes along with curd and adds texture. Millet curd rice has better protein, high energy levels, calcium and iron. This switch can be beneficial and a break from the regular curd rice. 
  • Beetroot curd rice fruit pop – enjoy curd rice as a little dessert or a quick breakfast with beetroot fruit pop. Cooked rice, grated beetroot, yoghurt, and mild spices, topped with pomegranate and millet crisps, bring out the perfect refreshing meal for summer days.

Final thoughts 

Curd rice is a classic dish that is easy to make and has loads of health benefits. It’s the ultimate food for cooling the body and giving the body healthy probiotics. It’s efficient, cooling and filling. In curd rice delicacies, the rice helps feel full, the curd soothes the tummy, and the extra curry leaves, spices, and crisps add texture to the meal while bringing out a mild flavour that one can’t get tired of. 

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