Curating Beverage Menu Highlights

Right after the feeling of contentment hits you once you’ve finally figured out your food order, the dread of having to find the perfect beverage creeps in. This is because a good drink makes or breaks the eating experience. This is why this blog has been typed into existence. 

The length and breadth of the beverage menu 

Any beverage menu needs to have something simple – this place has been occupied by lime soda/water for a long time. Fruit juices hold a close second place. They’re healthy, guilt-free and compliment right about any meal. They’re also a good source of nutrition. If you’re having a cheat meal, sneaking in a fruit juice almost feels like it’s balanced out. Tender coconut water is also a beloved choice. 

Thandai, chaas, aam ka panna, and other desi drinks have their own separate category and fans. They’re popular for a reason. While some of them are seasonally available, others are around all year around. These are trustee drinks for when one doesn’t want to try something new.

Smoothie : Drink and a meal in one

Smoothies have stepped in as saviours for those who would much rather have a drink over a meal. After a heavy lunch or during the early morning hours, a smoothie feels just right. It’s packed with the goodness of nutrients and is super customizable. Smoothies can also be paired along with meals to increase protein intake or fibre. 

The world of smoothies is also very exciting – with flavours ranging from healthy matcha all the way to cold coffee, there’s a smoothie for everybody. 

Creating Beverage Menu Highlights 

The formula for a good beverage menu is to have the basics – fruit juices, smoothies, fizzy drinks, mocktails and cocktails. The hydration options may change but the trick is to find something that would complement whatever is ordered to eat.

Having a fizzy drink helps while having greasy food. A juice or smoothie is the way to go when having some lighter. There are many intriguing mocktails that can be brought out for those who’d like to keep alcohol at bay. These can be fusion drinks or even syrupy escapes. 

Try to be brave with the beverage menu highlights. The signature drinks could include fruit blends or smoothies for healthy hydration. Challenge the mundane by bringing in spices like cinnamon or cloves into the game. 

A good beverage menu is inclusive for those with dietary restrictions and brings something new to the table. Play it safe with regular orders but keep the fun alive with new concoctions brewing. 

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